[10/26/15] Introducing the Diplodocus & ARK: Fear Evolved!

Dino Dossier

A new Dino Dossier has been revealed, this one is everyone’s favorite amicable multi-rider sauropod, the Diplodocus!

ARK: Fear Evolved

This Wednesday on 28th of October the ARK will be undergoing a brief seasonal change where the air becomes cooler, the days shorter & the nights longer, the moon a certain shade of red, bats and other nasty creatures appearing above-ground, carvable pumpkins sprouting up, rumors of powerful undead beasts roaming the land — and emerging from the mists, the mythical Dodorex makes its appearance at last astride an army of bloodthirsty zombie Dodos, with limited edition treats for those Survivors brave enough to take on the many tricks of ARK: Fear Evolved!

Quelle: Ark Survival Evolved News (Steam)