Community Crunch 236: New Sponsored Mod, and More!

Credit: Jacob

Welcome to another edition of the Community Crunch. This week we take a look at a new sponsored mod and great fan art from the community!

New Sponsored Mod
Simple Spawners

Simple Spawners is a popular utility mod that makes it easy to customize maps to suit the desires and needs of your server. Having expanded from creature spawners the mod adds useful tools like setting up no-build zones, no-fly zones, nests, harvestable resources, radiation zones, and loot crate/beacon points. With Simple Spawners you can get quite creative with how you customize your server map!

Check out Simple Spawners

EVO Event

There will be no EVO event this week.

Community Fan Art
Glowtail []by Slimeyspore11

Glow Pug[] by chocodeamon

Photoshopping Some ARK by bluedragonark

ARK Aberration: The Spine[] by RobynTheDragon

A Fun Wonder by ARKLove9

Craft Station On Sea by SKRMT_

ARK PvP Event[] by MayaPatch

Argentavis magnificens[] by Vignar

That’s it for this week!

Studio Wildcard


Quelle: Ark Survival Evolved News (Steam)