Community Crunch 278: Introducing Dinopithecus, Beginner Server Wipe, and More!

Final voting for the second creature to be added to Lost Island has concluded.  A few weeks ago, we created a forum where you could submit your ideas for creatures that will be added to Lost Island. From there, we narrowed it down to the top 10 up-voted submissions.  Over 15,000 votes were submitted for the next Lost Island creature and only 1% difference separating the Dinopithecus and the Carcharodontosaurus! Talk about a close finish ​​​​​​​????

With one unannounced creature coming to Lost Island, what do you think it could be?

Download in full resolution[]

Download in full resolution[]

I believe Dinopithecus has been changed by ARK life. This species is definitely larger than any I remember from the fossil record. And these oversized baboons show a more pack-oriented behavior than I would’ve expected in their kind. Whole troops will organize around an alpha, and fall apart if that alpha is slain.

Though they seem to prefer a diet of fruit supplemented with the occasional bit of meat, Dinopitheci are opportunistic and will eat just about anything. They’re also excellent climbers — I’ve seen them scramble up sheer cliff faces and leap between trees to scavenge food for their troop.

Dinopitheci will bare sharp teeth and toss well-aimed handfuls of their own excrement when provoked. Their feces is what really sets this species apart — they’ve managed to weaponize a parasite in it that disables TEK! I feel like that parasite deserves its own dossier.

If you can manage to tame enough Dinopitheci , you’ll soon find yourself with a small troop at your disposal. Your mini-troop will organize around the strongest of your tames, their new alpha that can then direct them at a target with a shrieked battle-cry.

No need to saddle your tamed Dinopithecus to ride it — it will make one for you using its own tail. Just hold on tight, and it will take you straight up walls and across ziplines.

In battle, your Dinopithecus will fling fecal projectiles, grenades, or a combination that I like to call EBM, for Explosive Bowel Movement.

Amargasaurus is also making its grand appearance on Lost Island!

For more information on Amargasaurus, be sure to check out the dossier in an earlier Community Crunch[]!

Download in full resolution[]

Beginner servers will be wiped clean on all platforms on Aug 6th 1PM Pacific.

Beginner servers are wiped periodically to help provide a fresh beginner experience for new players. Join by searching „Beginner“ in the server browser!

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