Dino Babies, Breeding & Spotlight: Mosasaurus!

Dino Babies & Breeding!

We are very excited to announce our first pass of creature breeding and baby dinosaurs being pushed to the live game! Survivors will be given the opportunity to pair two members of the same species together, even across Tribes if you’ve got a particularly well endowed creature, and the resulting offspring will have random selection of traits from both parents, along with a degree of arbitrary mutation! Your new tiny friends will grow dynamically in real time and will need to be cared for to reach their ultimate potential.

You’ll be able to selectively breed for your desired qualities and we hope to see some hardcore survivors progressively raising generations of Dinosaurs that have more refined collections of high-end traits than that which could ever be found in the wild – though be warned survivors, as this rewarding process cannot be accomplished with minimal effort. With the dangers that exist in the ARK, incubating an egg and then raising a small helpless baby Dino in real-time from hatchling to adult is no tiny task! Good luck Survivors ;)!

Spotlight: Mosasaurus


The Terror of the Deep, also known as the Mosasaurus Suspirita makes it’s way to the ARK! Contrary to popular opinion, the Mosasaurus, not the Ultramegalodon, is the largest creature that lives within the ARK’s vast ocean.

It is an enormous deep-sea marine lizard that grows over 50 feet long, spending most of it’s time below, only surfacing to breath or chase prey with an engulfing chomp. Due to it’s large size, tribes often opt to build mobile aquatic bases upon it’s back and it’s strength ensures that the Mosasaurus is the most powerful and ideal oceanic escort!

Quelle: Ark Survival Evolved News (Steam)