Spotlight: Procoptodon, and New Years Eve Ball!

Spotlight: Procoptodon

The ARK is getting a unique new denizen today: the hip hopping Procoptodon, essentially a gigantic prehistoric Kangaroo. Carrying up to TWO passengers, in a first for ARK creatures, the Procoptodon is able to cover great distances and leap over obstacles with ease, while the pouch-bound passenger is able to make fully effective use of all weaponry while riding!

ARK: Happy First (Half) Year! Event

In addition, ARK: Survival Evolved Steam players are invited to ring in 2016 on the ARK! Starting today at 12 PM EST a gigantic New Year’s Eve ball will descend from the heavens through to January 1 at midnight EST. When it finally hits the ground, a fantastic surprise will be revealed for all Survivors who are on their ARK at that time! It’s been a thrilling six months on the ARK, and Studio Wildcard wishes all Survivors a Happy New Year! Thank you to all our players and content creators for helping to make ARK such a success!

Finally, this ARK update adds the oft-requested „Tribe Alliances“ feature, allowing multiple smaller Tribes to officially „ally“ together and gang up to take down larger, dominant Tribes on their ARK. Strength in numbers, Viva la revolucion!

Quelle: Ark Survival Evolved News (Steam)