Survival of the Fittest: Unnatural Selection

The Survival of the Fittest:Unnatural Selection preliminaries have ended!

We are left with 148 competitors, all of whom will be joining us on Wednesday, Sept 2nd, to playing a final battle for fame, glory, and cold hard cash.

This game will start at 2:00 PM EST, but the server will be online at 12:00 EST to allow for competitors to adjust settings, tribe up, sort out any technical difficulties, etc.

We really would love to thank you guys for all of the great data we have gotten out of this event, it has exceeded expectations at every turn, and although there were a few bumps, what we’re getting out of this goes beyond just better balancing data and bug fixing; we’re getting the chance to interact with you guys, our fans.Despite the relationship being occasionally rocky, we like to think that all in all, we make a good pair.

Without further ado, the list of winners:

傀儡 76561198125028511

午夜抹抹茶 76561198191314641

莫忧丶F 76561198244736368


Quelle: Ark Survival Evolved News (Steam)