Origins Mod 1.7.6 Release Notes

Zwischendurch mal was neues von Origins, das Update auf 1.7.6 steht kurz bevor und es gibt einiges neues, sowie jede Menge Bugfixes, aber lest selbst:

Momentan sind alle Origins Server in meinen DayZ-Commander down, spielen die evtl. grad das Update auf? Mal abwarten…

Origins Mod 1.7.6 Release Notes
Release date : Very Soon

Origins 1.7.6 is an important incremental update that bring us closer to Origins 1.8
1.7.6 Update includes the deployment of Origins Guard and Origins Tribunal Framework across all Origins servers allowing us to enter the final development and testing of the community reporting platform and advanced origins admin tools scheduled for public release before the next update.

Important Gameplay Changes:

The introduction of OriZombies 1.0 with new dynamic zombie spawns system:
Back to the basics of zombie apocalypse survival gameplay, in 1.7.6 zombie are real threat more than ever, creating noise walking or running carelessly across the streets will attract more zombies.
Pick your fights carefully with other players, zombies are now more attracted to gunfire and sounds on larger range and will keep coming unless you hide out of sight.

– Now zombies are more dangerous aggressive in attacking humans.
– Zombies are or sensitive and attracted to noise and gunfire.

Once Human! : The undead are now reflecting the local inhabitants and citizens of Taviana before the outbreak this means you will encounter fire fighters, doctors, engineers , escaped prisoners and convicts, gangsters, post man, mechanic, social workers, scientists, farmers, grave diggers, Iron workers, paramedics , tourists and much more…

Female Bandit/Hero ghillie suit: Female Characters can now wear ghillie and camo suits

Sabina museum: Founding Clans Wall Added to honour the founding clans (1.7.6) Clans will be able to add choose their own clan logo on houses and stronghold ( 1.8 )

Storage and Capacity: Gear capacity now displays the amount of space available in vehicles, houses cars, etc….

Gatling Capri 69 : Classic Capri 69 with automatic Gatling gun ( Rare spawn- can be reinforced )

Rodina 62 : The Classic Rodina – Fuel Transport truck ( Rare spawn – can be reinforced ) can store and transport over 300 litters of fuel to any location in Taviana, You will need to mount fuel hose ( new item found in industrial buildings ) and connected to other car/bus/boat or heli to transfer fuel from the storage barrels to the target. Rodina can also be re-fuelled in the Gas stations using the same mechanic with fuel containers.

Sector B : Salvation city received more gameplay balance and tweaks to balance Risks Vs rewards elements. Sector B rewards now include but not limited to more Rare Weapons, Rare Ammo and more CB’s !

Day & Night cycle : Now it will be the same experience across all servers with longer day cycle and shiny moonlight nights.

Moving Fortress :
Scrap bus now has a movable platform with machine gun (can be raised/lowered).

Bug fixes & Improvements:

– Fixed: Players to roll and glitch through stronghold gate.

– Fixed: Glitching inside the stronghold tower behind the church.

– Fixed: Level 2 hero female units loosing backpacks upon re-connecting.

– Fixed: Flying loot in schools and apartment blocks issue resolved.

– Fixed: Not being able to use ladder on water towers.

– Fixed: House loot duping exploit.

– Fixed: #21,#22,#23,#24, #57, #56, #75 Restriction random kick errors.

– Fixed : Wrecks and debris appearing suddenly for slower PC’s while driving.

– Fixed: Trash piles in Sabina causing players to get stuck.

– Fixed: Ability to glitch inside Lenin’s foot in Sabina.

– Fixed: Geometry issues in Sabina gallery, bus stands and bars.

– Fixed: Not being able to get back on the platform in Sabina train station resolved.

– Fixed: Flickering brown buildings in Krasnoznamen’sk and other cities resolved.

– Fixed: Zombies not being able to access the police station.

– Fixed: Missing fence segments in some houses in Byelov resolved.

– Fixed: Not being able to use ladders on apartment blocks.

– Fixed: Falling through the battle ships in some areas.

– Fixed: Loot spawn in Kameni warehouse covered by ground.

– Fixed: Office building positioning in Kameni causing players to break their legs.

– Fixed: Body Gear duping exploit.

– Fixed: Rare invisibility glitch.

– Fixed: Stari Dvor military base disappearing and reappearing on different draw distance settings.

– Fixed: Ability in to walk under factory in Kameni.

– Fixed: Misplaced objects inside the construction site in Kameni.

Other Improvements and fixes:

– Storage Capacity for all Houses, Strongholds, Cars, tents now appear.(#Weapons/#Items/#BP’s)

– Character stories redone to in preparation for the new skill system coming in next updates.

– Grey apartment blocks, water towers and other buildings now have working ladders, opening a vast new dimension to urban combat and stealth dynamics.

– All debris, wrecks and objects improved to lower the system load for PC’s allowing more smooth game play.
– Map completely retouched, adding new vehicle wrecks to roads, urban areas and buildings for the more emersion during game play.

– Humanity counter re-added.

– Wrecks added to military bases for more immersive game play.

– FPS improvements in houses and stronghold.

– Removed on screen white markers.

– GUI reworked, Origins theme added in preparation for future releases:

* Main menu completely redone
* Gear menu redone
* Multiplayer lobby redone and simplified

– Server list lobby redone

– New mouse cursor.

– Trams added to Sabina. Might or might not be used in future updates.

– re-added Taviana Ghost, yes a Ghost and the urban legend is true , one of the buildings in taviana is being haunted by one ghost, appears only at night , be the 1st top post a screenshot in the Secrets & tips and hints section.

Have fun and enjoy


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